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All Horseback Rides on the Island of Kauai, HI


If you only experience one thing in Hawaii, make sure you don’t miss this spectacular extravaganza. Graceful Hula dancers, fire poi balls, traditional fire knife dancing, lavish buffet of local delicacies, and a vivid storyteller come together for this once-in-a-lifetime authentic experience. We love our gatherings or “pa’inas” as they were called in days of old. And whether this is your first luau or not, we guarantee that our luau experience will be unique. Why can we say that?

A luau is simply a must do when you visit Hawaii. It’s an evening full of live entertainment, delicious food and spectacular fire dancing. Each location is amazing, and the first part of your experience is enjoying setting and available offerings. This sets the stage for your luau and beverage service. Once full, hula show and fire spinning begins  Each performance is inspired by Hawaii dancing and legends, past on by generation.

Experience true Polynesia from the hula dancers of award-winning Urahutia Productions. The sites and sounds of the islands are ever present as the performers dazzle you while you sip and eat your way through a perfect evening.

Held in the lush tropical setting of Kauai’s north shore, the Ahi Lele Fire Show takes you on a splendid journey through Polynesian Culture. You’ll enjoy authentic hula dancing from around the Pacific and view one of the greatest fire shows in the Hawaiian Islands. A buffet full of local foods and drinks for purchase round out this evening of entertainment and culture.

From $159.00

This is the longest course in and Kauai and sports its 2nd longest individual line at over 2,000ft! The views are great and what really sets this course apart from others are its unique options.